Old ticket sales

Paying on the door is SO last century. Here’s why.

The date is 1990. Cliff Richard, Vanilla Ice and Madonna are dominating the charts. John Major has just moved into Number 10. The internet is in its infancy, and the idea of making a purchase ‘online’ is still spine-tinglingly sci-fi. For event-goers, buying a ticket involves walking, driving or getting public transport to a local theatre or box office. It means waiting in line outside concert halls, carrying fistfuls of cash, and stashing paper tickets into handbags. But that, my friend, was last century. So scrap that, because it’s time to focus on the here and now.


Sign up and sell your tickets in ten minutes: A TicketGun how-to

Creating an event is difficult. We know the hassles. Finding the venue, the entertainment and the catering only to not sell enough tickets. We know. But we also know that selling tickets to your event online with TicketGun could not be easier. But don’t just take it from us, let us show you just how to sell Tickets online with TicketGun. From registration to selling tickets, you can have your event live in less than ten minutes.


At the movies. Five craziest on screen parties

Sometimes films are our greatest inspiration; Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings. They all have a following of loyal fans that are shaped by these influential films. But TicketGun appreciates a different genre – The party film. From the 1984 classic ‘The Party Animal’ to ’21 and over’ released in 2013, we love them all. They inspire us to throw immense parties – and try not to embarrass ourselves as much as most of these goons. Here is a countdown of the five craziest on screen parties that are simply must sees for anyone who appreciates this kickass genre and how TicketGun could have saved these lost causes from absolute disaster.

Strange golden smoke taking away from coffee seeds

The five crucial ingredients for the perfect back to school antidote

You love your little treasure to pieces. But six weeks of their perpetual nonsense has worn you thin. Not even a week in the Mediterranean could save you from the monotony. Never fear, they are going back to prison, I mean ‘school’, very soon. Of course, you could be in the other camp, of parents who are feeling emotional about letting your child go, especially if its their first day at school. Well what better way to celebrate, or ease the nerves than a back to school coffee morning? Catch up with your friends, eat and drink great cake and coffee and have a good chit-chat. Let TicketGun show you how, with these five Cs for a good Coffee Morning.


Prom like a pro – Five best proms for someone new to classical music

The proms have been running on and off since 1895. In fact, the 2014 season will be the 120th edition of the fantastically British event. Yet, most of us have never been. Is this because we are daunted by the spectacle? The tradition? Or the music? That’s it… It’s the music. The thing is, most of us don’t know our Stravinsky from our Schoenberg, our Tchaicovsky from our Tallis. And with 76 Proms to choose from its difficult to know where to start. Well we are here to help. Here is a dummies guide to the proms and the five best proms for people new to Classical music guaranteed to get you completely hooked.

"Admit One" Tickets --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Jill’s ticket dilemma – A useful comparison of online ticket companies

Jill Smith is the chairman of her fundraising committee and is hosting a charity ball to raise funds for a children’s charity. She wants to sell 100 tickets online for £30, but is currently stuck at the confusing crossroads of online ticket sellers. Who’s the cheapest? Who’s got the best features? Can Jill sell her tickets and make it to the ball? Will this comparison of online ticket companies help? Let’s see …


Five steps to Charity Ball Success

Charity Dinners are often seen as a sure-fire way of raising money. This is true – but only if you do it right. Here are five ideas to maximise the money you raise. Firstly take a sneak peak at TicketGun’s guide to throwing a killer ball to ensure you’ve got the basics down. Then follow these five steps to Charity Ball success.


Put on a gig like you’re the next big thing

Has your band been resigned to second rate gigs? Are you better than your uncle’s wedding or your best mate’s birthday? In short, do you want your next gig to be bigger and better than ever before? Follow these steps to stardom and put on a gig like you’re the next big thing.


Who dunnit? Murder mystery dinner game idea for FREE

Do you and your friends grow tired of the monotony of bog-standard dinner parties? Does the small talk fizzle out to create those terrible silences? Is the food not quite enough to make your evenings enjoyable? Well a murder mystery dinner game idea is guaranteed to liven things up. The trouble is buying a game can be expensive and frustrating if it does not work out. Well here is an idea for absolutely nothing. Yes you heard right, it is completely free.